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October 04, 2009
Career Change is not only possible...It's exciting

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Are you one of the 73% of people that hate their jobs? Dread Monday mornings and yearn for some passion and meaning in what you do? Are you feeling stuck, stagnant or stifled in your current role, and have no idea how to move forward? Wouldn’t it feel good to love your job again? Imagine waking up refreshed and looking forward to the challenges of day. If this sounds like you, this show is definitely a must-listen. Join Annemarie Cross and Keith Keller as they interview Melissa Martin and learn how she went from Radio Broadcaster to Career Coach, as well as Daulton West Jnr as he transitioned from IT Professional to Social Media Champion. Hear how Daulton has used social networking in his job search and career change strategies, so that you can leverage social media tools (such as LinkedIn and Twitter) in your search to enhance your job opportunities. Get career advice and be inspired by Melissa’s and Daulton’s real life career change stories so that you can move towards a more satisfying career. If you have a Twitter account, join us in our new Twubs room and feel free to ask questions and share your tips: . Or alternatively comment and follow #careerradio. Remember to visit us at our Career Radio Community page at: where as always, there are fantastic resources for Jobseekers, Career Changers, HR Professionals and Recruiters alike. Including competitions, Twitter polls, job vacancies, articles, forums, and of course a great place to continue building your network.